Hospital Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine for Hospital

The higher traffic, the bigger the need for quality pick-me-up coffee available on-the-go. Be there for your guests with an automated coffee machine that can dispense quality beverage without hassle added. CoffeeBot aim to serve at any of the strategic location with the concept of convenience on-the-go that delivers quality coffee to all coffee lovers. We are committed to maintaining the standard by serving quality coffee 24 hours daily.

CoffeeBot Machine Models

CoffeeBot machines are available in the following types that are designed for the convenience of users.

CoffeeBot Vending (Hot/Iced): Serving up to 24 selections with iced selection to quench your thirst, this CoffeeBot vending machine is designed to brew quality hot and cold coffee with just a simple touch. It is entirely automated and provides a variety of features for an easy user-friendly experience.

CoffeeBot Essential: Your one stop office coffee solution that delivers to your office needs, offering high-quality, aromatic coffee and tea, and convenience of machine function to meet all of your office needs.

Why Choose CoffeeBot Vending Machine?

Be it coffee machines for hospitals, corporate towers, or entertainment hubs, enjoy quality coffee anytime, anywhere with CoffeeBot. The fresh brewed coffee machine specialist that has been pouring hot and delicious cup of your favourite pick-me-up.

1. Beverage Quality

Coffeebot brews quality beverage to consumers through a variety of coffee machines. Each cup brewed from fresh roasted beans coupled with premium syrups and ingredients.

2. 24 Hours Daily!

Our robotic barista never sleeps. We are here to brew a cuppa fresh coffee anytime, anywhere.

3. Fully Digitalized

Monitor machine performance via ioT backend system to ensure each cup of coffee is perfectly brewed.

4. Hygienic Approach with Less Human Contact

Each cup is dispensed automatically from the machine to ensure its hygiene and cleanliness as nobody else touches the cup, but you.

5. Customer Service Support

We have our customer service support team available 7 days a week to assist you.
Looking for an automated coffee machine? Checkout Coffeebot! Make an appointment with us to get to know more about our robotic barista and features to experience delicious coffee.

Need More Information?

We are committed to providing high-quality coffee machine for hospitals or any other locations!
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