Enjoy Free Flow of Freshly Brewed Coffee At Your Workplace!

11 variety of beverages | 8oz
  • FREE Coffee Machine Rental
  • FREE Servicing and Ingredient Replenishment
  • FREE Maintenance and Support
  • Wide Variety of Selections
  • No Hidden Cost and Commitment
  • No Binding Contract 
  • Productivity Booster
  • High Capacity & Mobility
  • Hygiene & Contact-less
  • Hassle-free & Convenient
  • Advanced ioT System

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CoffeeBot takes pride in providing quality commercial office coffee machines that provides you unlimited of quality coffee in your workplace and other commercial places too. We provide specification of coffee machine for office usage at your convenience. Every coffee machine for office use possesses a sleek design and comes with user-friendly automation functions. CoffeeBot Essential is the one-stop office coffee solution that caters to your office needs to enhance employees productivity. Our workplace coffee machine serves free flow of fresh coffee, keeping your employees energized and focused. Choose CoffeeBot Essential for the perfect blend of productivity and satisfaction.

Why Choose CoffeeBot Essential?

CoffeeBot Essential are perfect for your office pantry with zero hassle! Here’s why you should choose our coffee machine for office on rent yet the best office coffee machine!

1. Fresh Brewed Quality Coffee

Our coffee is brewed from 100% fresh and premium coffee bean, making each cup more delicious than the last. Our coffee can undoubtedly wake you up and keep you awake and energized throughout the day.

2. Wide Range of Beverage Selection

Our coffee machine serves a wide range of beverage selection, from fresh brewed coffee to non-coffee options such as Green Tea Latte, Chocolate, Hokkaido Milk Tea, and more. Enjoy your to-go beverage with your customized preferences, as you can adjust your coffee strength and sugar level in each and every cup.

3. Hassle-free and Convenient

Our commercial office coffee machines provide hassle-free service as you do not need to rely any of your employees! Machine services and maintenances are provided and scheduled regularly to ensure the machine is performing in tip-top condition.

Why Choose CoffeeBot Essential For Office?

Pick CoffeeBot Essential as your office coffee machine as it provides complete solutions to keep your team well-powered throughout the day at simple touch. Enjoy free flow of freshly brewed coffee each time that keeps you energized.

1. Quality Bean-to-Cup Coffee

CoffeeBot provides an integrated bean-to-cup coffee machine in office that brew freshly ground coffee. Our coffee machine for office on rent brews the finest and freshest roasted coffee beans. Take a sip of the rich, creamy, aromatic brew whenever you need it.

2. Free Coffee Machine Rental

You heard it right! CoffeeBot Essential provides free machine rental at zero cost, with no hidden cost or binding contract.

3. Wide Variety of Selection (Coffee and Non-Coffee)

Our coffee machine for office is designed to offer you a variety of beverage choices, with more than 15 choices, inclusive of fresh brewed coffee and non-coffee option. Each cup is customized to suit your tastebud as you can control your sugar level and the strength of the coffee. Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee or any other beverage of your choice with CoffeeBot Essential.

4. Free Servicing and Ingredient Replenishment

Looking for a hassle-free service? We heard you! CoffeeBot Essential got it all! Machine maintenance & services and ingredients replenishment are provided and scheduled regularly to ensure machine cleanliness and performance is performing in tip-top condition.

5. After Sales Support

Reach out to us if you are experiencing any machine technical error or breakdown, CoffeeBot rescue team will be assigned to you immediately!

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